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Sunday 7.16.06



Last show in Fukuoka


The show this evening was really good!  Those of you who were there know.  The band sounded tight and they looked like they were having a good time up there. The fans tonight were really good.  One of the band members’ families are in town and they got to see the show tonight too!

The band is backstage now waiting to head back to Tokyo.  Everyone is happy with the way the show went tonight.  It is busy backstage with many people busy doing something.  The stage has begun to be taken down so it can be on its way to Osaka.  It has been a long, but very good, day for the Utada United band and crew.

It was nice to be in Fukuoka during the Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival.  The morning of yesterday’s show was the Oiyama that Tomita and Toshie went to.

The questions that have been posted are good!  You can post questions on the comments section of this post too.  I will be looking for them.

Next week we’re off to Osaka.  See you there!

-Pat Woodward

今夜のショウは本当に素晴らしかった! あそこにいたひとならわかるよね。バンドのサウンドはタイトで、彼らはあの場所でよい時を過ごせていたようにみえた。ファンたちも素晴らしかった。あるバンドメンバーの家族が福岡にやってきていて、今夜のショウを見ることもできたんだよ!



これまでにみんなが投稿してくれた質問、いいね! このエントリのコメント欄に質問をしてくれても、OKだよ。どちらにも目を通すつもりだから。


--- パット・ウッドワード