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Sunday 7.2.06



Second Show in Sendai


Did you see the Hikaru camp around town last night?

Woke up to a raining morning in Sendai today.  I don't think anyone is going to be able to get out and see much of the city before we head to the venue this afternoon.

We all piled into the vans for the ride to the venue.  After some lunch there was a short rehearsal for a few songs that Matt wanted to tweak.


One hour before show time and I'm backstage with the band. Sam's family is in town and they’re hanging back here too.  They're looking forward to seeing the show tonight.  Once again another sold out show.  7,500 people....and its getting hot in this arena.  The fans in Sendai are great.  Hikaru had fun with the crowd tonight.  They loved seeing Hikki do her thing up there as they chanted her name between songs.

After the show I watched the stage crew tear part of the set down.  Its incredible how fast they get that done. The stage and set are off to the next town as Hikaru United 2006 descends on Shizuoka next weekend.

From the Grande 21 Arena to the train station.  We’re heading back to Tokyo tonight. 

The first weekend down of many more to come.

Try the beef tongue next time you’re in Sendai.

-Pat Woodward





ショウが終わったあと、僕はクルーがステージセットをパーツに分解していくのを眺めていた。彼らの仕事の素早さといったら信じられないくらいだ。この舞台とセットは、次の週末にHikaru United2006が静岡に降臨するまで、次の街に向けて眠りについてるってわけだ。




--- パット・ウッドウォード