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 1/17 (mon) 2:02  『It's been a long time!!!』 (ひさしぶり!)
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「和文英訳」   投稿者:i_ 投稿日: 1月18日 00:02

It's been a long time !!

Wow, I haven't written for a long time !!
"Well, how long will it be until I cannot be called the nickname 'Hikki' ?" sometimes I think, it's me, Utada, or Hikki!
I've become hesitant to update my message because it's been a long time from my last message..., for, it's like saying comments from your husband who hardly sends ones, like "it tastes so good","thank you so much" to you his darling in the case that you haven't expressed a kind feeling to each other lately. (but my way of expression remains the same as before to use examples to explaining the situation I would say to you!)

In fact, since my courage finally raises to make an appointment to go to the dentist postponed for a long time, I would take advantage of this couragement in order to update my message, like to go to the dentist! So get along !

Well, anyway I must go with some message to you whatsoever (><), fact there's another reason why I think so. I have such a friend that updates a message like this everyday... and I felt "What the hell have I done for days !?" when He has me seen his all works he does, making plots of messages, polishing his writings , and uploading them, on his own. So I have my eyes open like...

Mr.Anzai! I wanna write a message ..." (NOTE FROM A TRANSLATER : this line comes from the one "Mr.Anzai! I wanna play basketball..." in the Japanese famous MANGA 'SLAMDUNK'.)

I have a lot of ideas to write. My own works in America and in Japan, about a driver's license, my impressions of books and cinemas... I will write them one by one since it's too many to write down at a time. It's my hope of this year to update this message constantly. For, the latest updating dates of my website of TOSHIBA EMI remains 2003/8/18 of the last year's summer, and it's an announcement for my appearance in TV at September 2003 besides. Ain't it no good at all??

Anyway, I have seen the word 'blog" sometimes in some places since I had left this corner untouched. I got to know the fact, from ATSUYA FURUTA's blog (NFAT: He is a famous baseball player in Japan), that it's KAORI MANABE's blog (NFAT: She is a pin-up star or a TV-personality in Japan) that is the most trakced-back blog now. I feel I'm left unupdated in the "Wh,What on earth is TRACK-BACK? What is that?" kind of situation.(lol) Is it better to modify this corner into that kinda blog style? I think It's up to you the guests visiting here because nothing may be changed in my writing my messages if the style changes into blog-styled. I wanna know your opinion about that.

(sigh) I suppose that shortly I will give myself back my writing style with ununderstandable endings and sharplessness of my writing, because of this messageless gap if you are of tolerance or in a generous mood for a while. but I'm sure I know you say "It means such problems remains the same as before!!"!!! (laughing out loud)

Unchanged is nothing bad I think but otherwise it also means nothing grown up...doesn't it? Soon I will be 22 years old(a pair of 2!). Wow, is it as though I'm like the one who sends the message which contains only saying-hello near his birthday though hardly ever have been sent messages in usual days?
...Good! I'm going now today!(Suddenly I have a curtain dropped!)

A Happy new year. This time we usually look over ourselves and are gonna seize our future, but at this time of this year, the unforgettable disasters and miseries have happend in all over the world. As you think about what your 2005 year is like, you must take a look for what you must take a look, I think. By that, I hope you will find your new promises you've ever overlooked.

Oops, I have talked big in this last place, though it's been a long time since I last wrote. But it's my strong impression I've felt, from the end of 2004 to the start of 2005. I hope we will make this year a good year by our own hands.

so long!

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